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beginner friendly


A great class to gain a strong foundation in standing poses, supported balancing, twists and restorative. A supportive class for those working with injuries.

foundations / wall class

An iyengar-inspired style class, this mindful practice focuses on alignment, props and long holds. This class may include the rope wall.

therapeutic yoga

Therapeutic yoga is a carefully designed combination of gentle yoga, mindful-awareness exercises, and breath work in restorative yoga poses. Works at the root cause of any postural imbalances and to heal  the body from injuries.

kripalu flow 

A moderate-level class with flowing, creative sequences and emphasis on breath and sensation.  Afternoon classes more gentle than morning.


yoga in motion

Through guided improvisational movement and inspired by world music, your body will flow through a natural wave of movement, moving energy through the Chakras for a joyful, healing experience.  No dance experience is required.



Bolsters, blankets and blocks completely supporting you in every blissful resting pose!  Reboot your nervous system and give yourself the rest you deserve. This class incorporates pranayama (breath work) and meditation.  

vinyasa basics 

Plank, downdog and cobra - start to understand the basics of vinyasa yoga.  Build strength, breath and flow.

yin yoga

A deep practice that requires holding certain postures to stimulate the body’s connective tissue and create greater flexibility.  Lots of yummy hip and hamstring opening poses.  Complementary to other more vigorous yoga styles and sports.

meditation class

If you're new to meditation, or if you've been practicing steadily for years, this class will begin with meditation instruction, a period of meditation followed with discussion (Q & A).

ashtanga mysore
Come explore Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.

hatha basic/intermediate

An intermediate level asana class that incorporates pranayama (breath work).

prenatal yoga 

A mixed level prenatal class modified for women in all stages of pregnancy. A great way to continue your yoga practice through your pregnancy.

vinyasa open

An open level vinyasa class suitable for advanced beginners to more seasoned practiioners.  modifications will be offered to step your practice up or down depending on your experience.  A solid vinyasa class.

vinyasa intermediate

A well-balanced vinyasa practice that allows space for you to explore your edge and find your center. Play with arm balances and inversions.

hot vinyasa basic/int

Step it up in your practice. Linking your breath, build
chaturanga and updog and sweat in our 95 degree hot room.


rope wall class

The iyengar rope wall incorporates the use of straps, bars and swings attached to the wall to support the body.  This enables you to hold poses longer, refine alignment and reap the full benefits of asana.

vinyasa restorative

This class will renew and re-energize you on every level. Start with 45 minutes of Vinyasa, connecting  body and breath while creating  internal heat. Then, transition to a restorative and yin practice to release the tension and stress within your body.


vinyasa intermediate/advanced 
A strong and inspiring practice with a focus on core strengthening. A good foundation in vinyasa is suggested.

vinyasa advanced 

A strong and inspiring practice that will kick your butt in a really good way. A strong foundation in inversions suggested and an understanding of ujjayi pranayama and bandhas.

hot vinyasa intermediate/advanced

Balanced practice to explore the edge and find center. Play with arm balances and inversions in our 95 degree hot room.

aerial yoga

aerial yoga 101

Using an aerial hammock, we'll explore movement from a whole different perspective! Prepare to strengthen, stretch and soar in this 75-minute class.


aerial mellow flow

Looking to slow down, tune in and let go? This  practice is designed for students of all levels who crave some stress-busting, heart-warming escape. After warming up and stretching, we’ll spend some quality time upside down to rejuvenate the body, re-hydrate the spine and bring blood to the brain. Class concludes with a long, nourishing savasana, leaving the practitioner completely refreshed, renewed and ready to conquer the world.

For your health and happiness, make sure you find the class that’s right for you. Some may be too difficult. Others may not be challenging enough.  If you’re not sure, just ask.