The human body is an amazing system designed to process what we consume. In a fast paced lifestyle, our diets now include large portions of animal based proteins, processed foods, pesticides, alcohol and caffeine. This demands more of our bodies' purification systems than can be handled. Internal imbalances can make us vulnerable to illness. Cleansing restores "pure balance."

fresh start food cleanse

A healthy mind starts with a balanced diet rich with fresh whole foods. That’s why Kaia now offers Fresh Start Food Cleanses. Take sugar, wheat, dairy, meat and caffeine out of your diet to give your metabolism “a fresh start.” Your body and mind will thank you. 

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kaia pure juice cleanse

Kaia Pure Juice Cleanse is a delicious system that brings energy, health and balance back to your life.  The system is designed specifically for Kaia Cafe at Kaia Yoga. The cleanse comes with 6 juices per day. Learn how these organic elixirs can help you. 

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learn how to combine the cleanses and customize a system that is right for you