• Gina Norman
    gina norman

    Gina Norman is the owner of Kaia Yoga in Greenwich and Westport, CT with her husband Stan.  She holds teacher training certificates from Beyoga (currently YogaWorks) and Om Yoga Center.  Gina is the Director of Teacher Training Programs at Kaia Yoga and has been featured in Fitness, Parent, Organic Spa, Yoga Journal, Woman’s Entrepreneurs, Mothering and Hampton’s Magazines.  Her fascination with mind-body work and its essential connection to overall health and happiness led her to study Thai Yoga in Thailand, Vipassana mediation in India and Buddhist studies in the Shambhala tradition along with Cranial Sacral Therapy through the Upledger Institute.  Her vision as director of Kaia Yoga was to develop a wide variety of programming to support not only practitioners through yoga but to build a community where people from all walks of life can come for educational trainings, community and nourishment of their body and mind.

  • stan woodman
    stan woodman

    Stan took is first yoga class in 1991 and began a dedicated practice in 1997.  Having moved to New York from Colorado 12 years ago, Stan went from catchin’ air snowboarding deep in the backcountry of the Rocky Mountains to catchin’ air ashtanga style in New York City, the Hamptons and Greenwich.  His daily love for Ashtanga Yoga has continued to inspire his teaching and way of life. Stan’s traditional approach to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga allows practitioners to develop a daily practice, be mindful, learn the fundamentals and begin to expand what you learn into your daily lives.  Come and flow through this incredible asana system, developing heat, strength, flexibility, mindfulness and a deeper sense of self awareness! Stan Woodman is the owner of Kaia Yoga in Greenwich & Westport, CT with his beautiful wife Gina Norman and amazing daughter and son.

  • alison heisler
    alison heisler

    Alison obtained her 200 hr. teaching certification in the Ashtanga Vinyasa tradition. Alison maintains a daily meditation practice, is a licensed massage therapist, and is a certified Yin Yoga teacher.  Alison weaves her knowledge of anatomy and physiology into her classes so students feel empowered with their self-care. Her ultimate intention is that all yogis leave class feeling supported, uplifted and more present.

  • barbara joseph
    barbara joseph

    Barbara Joseph has taught yoga for twenty years, including at the Urban Yoga Center in Manhattan, which she founded and operated prior teaching at New York University’s Tisch School for the Arts, where she taught yoga to drama students for 10 years.  In addition to yoga teaching certification, she is a certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist and has completed the level one training in Cranial Sacral Massage Therapy from the Upledger Institute.  She also completed the 500-hour teacher training program at Kaia Yoga in 2013.

  • beth furman
    beth furman

    Beth Furman, E-RYT, has studied yoga, dance and many other forms of movement for over 30 years. She consistently draws from her extensive background in her yoga work.  Beth was first certified to teach  through Next Generation Yoga and level 1 IMT with Molly Kenney.  Kids’ teaching credits include workshops at Kripalu. Beth is also 200 hour certified through Saraswati’s and 300 hour certified with Shiva Rea. In addition to these certifications, Beth’s practice, teaching and experience of living yoga is informed by a continued curiosity about the way we move and the way our bodies reveal to us our own stories. She currently teaches yoga to adults and children integrating  dance and cultural expression. She earned a Masters of Arts & Liberal Studies (MALS) from Wesleyan University.

  • caroline graham
    caroline graham

    Caroline has been practicing yoga for more than ten years.  She was hooked after her first class with Gail Cohen. After a move to London, Caroline’s practice intensified, studying Jivamukti yoga with Stewart Gilchrest and Alessia Avellino. She completed her 200-hour training at Kaia Yoga with Gina Norman and Stan Woodman. Caroline leads a vigorous vinyasa flow class, helping her students grow their strength, balance and flexibility through the connection of breath and movement - and encouraging them to take these attributes off the mat and into their lives.

  • colleen breeckner

    Colleen Breeckner has been a student of Yoga for over twenty years. Colleen is eRYT 500 with the Yoga Alliance she holds several certifications from various traditions she trained for certification in the Anusara teaching method for 7 years. Colleen is a lead teacher with over ten years of teaching experience.  She is director of Lila Tandava Yoga Teacher Training based in Cross River, NY at O2 Living and Wellness. She is known for her playful and spirited style and for her ability to convey complex spiritual teachings in a lighthearted, accessible way. Her clear articulation of the poses along with her creativity make her classes profound, physically challenging and fun. Throughout the years Colleen has kept a foothold in a variety of different traditions including: Vinyasa, Iyengar, Kundalini, Ashtanga, Jivamukti and more. She feels that all traditions have something of value to offer and truly honors each system for the perspective they give to the teachings.

  • Colleen Kady
    colleen kady

    Colleen was first introduced to yoga by a friend while studying Architecture at the University of Colorado in 1996.  Like Architecture, she was drawn to the idea that Yoga is a practice and as such has many forms, stories, progressions, milestones and no foreseeable end.   Colleen is continuously amazed by the depth of what a yoga practice can be to an individual and in turn, to a larger community.  With the endless love and encouragement from her husband and three children she was able to realize her dream of becoming a yoga teacher.  She acquired her 200 Hr and Prenatal Teacher Training certifications thru Kaia Yoga under the guidance of Gina Norman and Stan Woodman to whom she is grateful.  She strives to support her students by meeting them where they are and holding space for their own journey.  Her classes are a supportive place where the student is encouraged to explore the practice on multiple levels.


  • charles matkin yoga
    charles matkin

    Charles, a third generation yogi, is a wonderful, intuitive instructor and in 2008 was named by Yoga Journal’s as one of the nation’s top 21 yoga instructors under 40.  He is sought out not only for his gifted intuition in regard to mindful alignment and powerful yoga classes but also for his deep approach to yoga therapy for students at any point in their practice, from athletes to cancer patients.

  • cheryl simcox
    cheryl simcox

    Cheryl is a certified teacher of Vinyasa Yoga, she trained at Saraswati’s Yoga Joint with Mitchel Blier. Additional studies and certifications were done with Mitchel as well as with Sadie Nardini, for Core Strength, Joe Barnett for Yin and with Jillian Pranksy for Restorative.  Classes are a cultivation of the breath, the asana, the mind, the body, the spirit and more.  It’ll be up-tempo and fun, alignment based with creative sequencing with food for thought, hard work, fun and some awesome music.

  • cynthia wolfe
    cynthia wolfe

    Cynthia has been studying yoga for over ten years and received her teaching certification in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in 2004. Cynthia’s instruction is clear and informative. She teaches with skill,confidence and a sense of humor. She emphasizes structural alignment,breath control and diligent focus to create a safe environment for her students. Cynthia designs her classes so that students are brought out of their minds and into their bodies. Combining her love of yoga and teaching, Cynthia finds sharing yoga to be profoundly fulfilling. She enjoys helping others develop a practice that empowers them to live a healthy life. Cynthia’s teaching is inspired by Nevine Michaan of Katonah Yoga Center.

  • claudia zeller
    claudia zeller

    After receiving a cancer diagnosis at the age of 39 and completing a conventional course of treatment Claudia turned her focus to holistic medicine, spiritual health and yoga.  Ten years later she was accepted into the 200-hour Vinyasa Teacher Training Program with Gina and Stan at Kaia Yoga fulfilling a decade long dream of teaching.  She approaches her practice with gratitude and respect for her body. She teaches with passion and an understanding of health and wellness creating a fun and challenging practice with particular attention on the breath, building a strong foundation, focus and self-awareness.​

  • diane greenhill
    diane greenhill

    Diane has practiced Vinyasa-style yoga for over five years and is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). Her yoga journey started simply as another form of exercise but over time has grown into a devotional and spiritual practice that extends beyond physical asanas and is as much about the heart and mind as it is about the body. Diane leads an athletic, heat-building practice complemented by good music and poetry.

  • danit schreiber
    danit schreiber

    Danit has been practicing yoga and meditation on a daily basis for years. She finds yoga to be a natural extension of her long time experience as a ballet dancer and teacher. She is a certified yoga teacher, who completed her training with Gina Norman and Stan Woodman at Kaia Yoga. Certified in vinyasa, restorative and yin styles, she has been teaching classes at Kaia since 2009. Her instruction is focused on strong alignment and precise movements under the umbrella of mind and breath awareness. Her classes are built on creative sequencing and a unique style to awaken and evoke the students' physical and mental awareness.

  • elizabeth crisci
    elizabeth crisci

    Elizabeth completed her first 200 and 300 HR teacher trainings in 2006 and 2007 with Alan Finger and Jean Koerner. Since then she has continued to study completing Yin, Restorative, Prenatal, ISHTA Marma, and Anatomy trainings in addition to a second 500 hour training through Kaia Yoga. Her fascination and connection with the human form is present in her classes, as well as her light-hearted approach.  She teaches a variety of private students for purposes ranging from injury management to deepening practice. Elizabeth encourages beginners as well as advanced students to safely and joyfully approach their edge each and every time they come to their mat.

  • heather cotter
    heather cotter

    As a practitioner of yoga, Heather experienced firsthand the strength, stamina, and peace that comes with a dedicated practice.  As a teacher of yoga, Heather strives to bring awareness of the yoga path to her students.  She completed her 200 hour certification in 2010 and will complete her 500 hour training in 2012, both at Kaia Yoga.  She continues a daily journey to thoughtfully reflect on her role as a teacher and a student of yoga.

  • irene genovese
    irene genovese

    Irene has been teaching yoga in Fairfield County for  over 17 years.  Certified in the Kripalu tradition, she has also studied with world-renowned teachers including Rodney Yee, Shiva Rea and Gary Kraftsow.  A creative, compassionate and inspirational teacher, her style has been strongly influenced by an extensive dance background and blends an intuitive knowledge of the body with a unique sense of flow and connection between poses.

  • heather vernik
    heather vernik

    Heather Vernik’s breath/body connection, eclectic oriented approach to yoga stems from her deep and articulate alignment-based Vinyasa practice.  She received her teacher training certification from at Saraswati Yoga Studio in Norwalk, CT.  As a former sales executive, Heather utilizes her humor and upbeat energy to provoke students to reach beyond their perceived capacity and redefine their limits. In combination with healthy alignment and yoga philosophy, she incorporates a synthesis of breath inspiring movements, with movements enhanced by breath, as taught in the traditional Vinyasa Flow Yoga approach.  She places an emphasis on finding a deeper connection with the dynamic movements of energy available within each pose and each moment.


  • jeanette ronson
    jeanette ronson

    Since 2000, Jeannette has trained in workshops with noted yoga teachers such as Beryl Bender Birch, John Friend, Ana Forest, Cyndi Lee, Rodney Yee, Lilias Folan, and David Swenson.  In 2010, Jeannette completed her 200-hour training at Kaia Yoga Studio. At the age of 54, she credits her yoga practice to her overall fitness, health, and peace of mind.  She hopes to encourage everyone that it’s never too late to benefit from yoga!

  • jennifer-rae negron
    jennifer-rae negron

    Jennifer-Rae is a 500-hour trained yoga teacher through Kaia Yoga; certified to teach vinyasa, children’s, prenatal, restorative, and yin yoga. Jennifer-Rae also teaches yoga to cancer survivors, athletes, and trains children’s yoga teachers. Her instruction is informed by her experience as a mental health counselor, guiding students toward holistic wellness in body, mind, and spirit. Jennifer-Rae encourages a sense of playfulness, exploration, and gratitude within her students’ practice on the mat and in their personal lives.

  • jill ernst

    Jill found yoga in 1998 and helped her make many positive lifestyle changes.  Jill completed her 200hr Teacher Training with Charles and Lisa Matkin of Matkin Yoga, 500hr Advanced Teacher Training and Prenatal Training at Kaia Yoga, and Restorative Training with Karen Safire of Receptive Nest.  Whether teaching Vinyasa style classes to seasoned yogis or supporting pregnant women during her prenatal classes, Jill aims to provide a safe, fun, and supportive environment to students of all levels.

  • jill geller
    jill geller

    Jill is a certified Hatha Yoga Instructor, specializing in Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga. She trained with Laughing Lotus College of Yoga and The Sankalpah College of Yoga in New York City. Jill’s practice of yoga seeks to strengthen, explore, and peacefully integrate the body, mind, and spirit. She has been maintaining a daily physical and spiritual sadhana for over ten years, and looks forward to sharing her practice with you.

  • johanna hall
    johanna hall

    Johanna Hall started practicing yoga in 2005, which was a natural progression after dancing in various styles – ballet, jazz, African, social, modern– since age 4.  She completed her 200 hour vinyasa teacher training through Kaia Yoga with Gina Norman and Stan Woodman in 2011.  She is grateful to share her love of present-moment awareness, graceful and intuitive movement, music, and community through the practice of yoga.

  •  julia otani-caruso
    julia otani-caruso

    Julia started practicing Vinyasa yoga in 2004 after years of practicing in various styles. Her goal is to teach a comprehensive class that encourages students to embrace the physical challenges of yoga and at the same time enjoy the benefits of becoming more flexible in more ways than one. Julia received her 200 hr. Vinyasa certification with Rolf Gates in 2009 and will complete 300 additional hours of training with Kaia Yoga in 2012.

  • kat mazzarese
    kat mazzarese

    Kat has been practicing for more than 15 years, and approaches yoga as an opportunity to cultivate mindfulness and flexibility. After the birth of her son in 2008, She completed her RYT200 and RYT300 teacher training as a student of Stan and Gina Norman at Kaia Yoga, Westport, CT.  She seeks to make yoga accessible to all and her teaching style is compassionate and light-hearted. Kat teaches a Vinyasa style class, linking breath and movement. Most recently, she has completed her Pre-Natal Yoga teacher training with Gina Norman and Anna Verwaal at Kaia Yoga, Westport.

  • kathy casa
    kathy casa

    Kathy was introduced to yoga 12 years ago and was instantly attracted to the physical challenge.  After years of practice, the transformative nature of yoga encouraged Kathy’s deeper inquiries, she received her 200 hour certification from Kaia Yoga, and is currently completing Kaia’s first 500 hour teacher training.  Kathy believes in teaching a well-rounded practice, with focus on alignment while challenging the body and the mind.

  • katie braja
    katie braja

    Katie is a 500-hour certified yoga teacher and has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. In 2008, Katie began studying at ISHTA Yoga in New York City and in 2011 graduated from ISHTA’s 500-hour teacher training program, founded and led by Yogiraj Alan Finger. Katie has a strong background in the arts, language and culture, and her yoga teaching is inspired by the poetry of movement and the healing and creative power of the practice.

  • kendra hadden
    kendra hadden

    Kendra is a 500 hour trained yoga teacher, teaching a challenging, inventive, vinyasa flow class.  She enjoys teaching students how to safely open their bodies and gain strength as well as flexibility while still keeping the practice light and fun.  Kendra believes in taking the knowledge that you learn from the physical and mental challenges in yoga and applying those principles to your everyday life, making you happier and healthier!

  • laurie jordan
    laurie jordan

    Laurie combines her sense of humor and laid back approach with years of experience as a teacher and student. Add an awesome soundtrack and Laurieʼs classes feel like a 75 minute celebration.  Laurie is the author of Yawning Yoga: A Goodnight Book For A Good Night's Sleep and pioneered the first ever Kids Yoga Teacher Training in Westchester and Fairfield Counties.  She has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Well and Good NYC, Mind-Body-Green, Yoga Journal, Working Mother, Greenwich and Westport Magazines and she shares her expertise as a contributing writer for Elephant Journal. She is certified to teach yoga to folks of all ages and has a Masters in Social Work from Columbia University School of Social Work.

  • Default image
    lee ann schneider

    Lee Ann began her practice while battling a severe bout of Lyme’s Disease.  She literally could not pick herself up out of a chair.  She had no balance and had to hold onto to walls. She began practicing  yoga as a way to rid the toxic drugs from her body.  Lee Ann found the  Kaia Yoga studio  which truly changed her life.  After several years of practice she was accepted into the 200-hour Vinyasa Teacher Training Program with Gina and Stan.   “I want to share the knowledge and love I have for yoga and use the tools of yoga to transform lives!”

  • lexy
    lexy tomaino

    Lexy Tomaino believes that yoga is both a 'work-out' and a 'work-in' where the effort you put forward on the mat transforms both body and mind. Her vigorous classes will offer students the space to work through challenges, inspire you to be grateful and present, and maybe even have a little (or a lot) of fun while you are at it! Lexy completed her 200-hour certification at Kaia Yoga with Gina Norman and Stan Woodman, a 100-hour training in power yoga at Down Dog Yoga in Washington DC with Patty Ivey, and has studied with Baron Baptiste, Ana Forrest, Schyuler Grant, and Leslie Kaminoff. She actively continues her education and is inspired by the Jivamukti teachings of Sharon Gannon and David White.

  • lisa giordano
    lisa giordano

    Lisa has been practicing yoga for over 17 years after being introduced to it by a family member.   Her dedication to her practice and her desire to learn more led her to complete her 500 hr teacher training, and then on to complete Yin Yoga trainings, Aerial Yoga trainings and Paddleboard Yoga training.  Most recently she has become part of the Mentorship program for new teachers at Kaia Yoga.  Classes focus on a gentle approach of calming breathing techniques, mind body awareness, alignment and strength. Lisa will lead you through a mindful yet vigorous practice of arm balances and inversions helping to build confidence, endurance and flexibility.  “Yoga has changed my life and I wanted to share my love of yoga with others”.

  • lissa palermo
    lissa palermo

    Lissa has been practicing yoga for over 16 years. She is a 500-hr certified yoga teacher in Hatha Yoga including vinyasa, yin, restorative, kids and pre-natal. She completed her 300 hr. training at Kaia Yoga in 2012. Her discovery and love for yoga began as a way to find her inner awareness and true self; as well as to heal her body and soul. Lissa's personal philosophy focuses on balancing mind, body and spirit through yoga, service and kindness to all beings. Her classes focus on alignment, breath and empowering individuals to create peace, strength & harmony from within; to become free and happy to let their light shine.

  • lucy kelly
    lucy kelly

    Lucy’s love for yoga began with her first class over 20 years ago.  With children of her own, Lucy personally understands the benefits of teaching yoga to children.  She completed the Kaia Kids Teacher Training in 2010.  Lucy’s playful and mindful yoga style encompasses an environment of FUN with a focus on discovering the peace and calm within each child.

  • marissa nicole d'errico

    Marissa started her yoga journey back in 2009 to try and restore her body after putting it through 18 years of intense gymnastics and cheerleading training.  What she found after taking her first class was that it not only helped with the physical body but it also helped calm the mind. She practiced religiously for four years before deciding to take her 200 hour teacher training at Yoga Works in NYC under Chrissy Carter.  With her upbeat & rocking music, Marissa brings her bubbly and lighthearted energy to class. She has a passion for arm balances and inversions and likes to challenge her students to be fearless and safely try things that they never thought were possible.

  • martha risom
    martha risom

    Martha Risom is a Kaia Yoga certified instructor. She has studied yoga for over two decades and still finds something new and magical every time she steps on her mat. Martha attributes this to the breath work and energy releasing asanas of her practice. She is inspired by her students and by yoga’s ability to transform us all into more open, peaceful, productive and loving individuals.

  • mary kate robb
    mary kate robb

    Mary Kate acquired her 200 hour teacher training certification through Greenwich Yoga (now Kaia Yoga).  She is devoted to improving the lives of others around her and sharing the benefits of yoga to as many populations as possible. She has been a Montessori teacher for five years teaching 3-6 year old children  and using yoga to promote a peaceful classroom.

  • matan cohen-citron
    matan cohen-citron

    Matan started practicing while backpacking through India nearly 10 years ago and has been developing his practice while exploring the different variations.  He teaches in a traditional style, incorporating different forms of Hatha yoga aligned with Ayurvedic principals.  His classes interweave asana, pranayama, meditation and philosophy in a light-hearted approach manner.

  • megan moss
    megan moss freeman

    Megan has been teaching since 2007. She teaches a breath-centered class, suitable for all levels, providing modifications for all body types.  She strongly believes that each individual needs to find a practice that suits their body and stage of life - there is no "one size fits all" in yoga.  Megan encourages exploration as a way to become more embodied and balanced. 

  • megan young
    megan young

    Megan finds joy in exploring her inner world, and empowers others to uncover their own completeness through yoga. She approaches the practice with lightness and grace, respecting the wonder of the human body and the intelligence of the breath. Megan is grateful to be able to share the wisdom of ISHTA Yoga (Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra, and Ayurveda), and finds inspiration in the lineage’s focus on individualized practice. She has a background in music and voice, and received her 200-Hour, 500-Hour, and restorative teaching certifications from ISHTA Yoga in New York City.

  • michael
    michael buccellato

    Michael took his first yoga class in Burlington, VT in 2006. He continually returns to the mat for the benefits he receives from practicing yoga. This led him to complete his 200 hour yoga teacher training in order to share his positive experience with others. He studied at Kaia Yoga under the direction of Gina Norman and Stan Woodman. Previously, he earned his Master of Arts in Teaching from Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT. He guides students to focus on a strong physical foundation as well as paying attention to the equally important foundation of breath. His instruction promotes proper alignment for increased strength, balance and flexibility. Michael weaves a meaningful philosophical theme into each class and thoughtfully creates playlists to accompany the vinyasa yoga experience. He believes stillness welcomes all of us to the present moment. 

  • michelle
    michelle dodd

    Michelle began practicing yoga simply for the physical benefits as a way to complement her passion for triathlons and skiing. Soon Michelle discovered the mental and spiritual aspects of yoga gave her incredible peace, helping her to persevere through a series of family traumas in ways that other physical endeavors could not. She incorporates her love for the healing qualities of yoga, as well as the countless physical benefits, into her vinyasa classes with straightforward instructions, humor, and a strong sense of alignment. Michelle completed her 200-hour RYT training at Kaia with Gina and Stan Norman, and continues to study soothing practices such as Restorative, Yin and Thai Massage.

  • mike milversted
    mike milversted

    Mike has been studying and practicing yoga for over 20 years and became a Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher in 2002.  He enjoys introducing yoga to new students and working with long-time practitioners to help them deepen their practice.  His teaching approach focuses on helping each student discover, develop and integrate the muscles and alignment needed to build a strong foundation for each posture.

  • miranda desantis
    miranda desantis

    Miranda is a dedicated student of yoga,  In December of 2008, she deepened her practice by participating in Greenwich Yoga’s (now Kaia Yoga’s) 200 Hour Teacher Training. Miranda completed the program in 2009 and is grateful for her wonderfully gifted teachers Gina Norman and Stan Woodman. Miranda’s classes are designed to bring each of us to connect with the present moment through the huge, creative landscape of yoga.

  • monique o'connell
    monique o'connell

    Monique has been studying, loving and practicing yoga for over 15 years. In 2008, she received her 200 hr RYT certification through Laws of Yoga and Gwen Lawrence. Monique's style of teaching combines both her Iyengar and Ishta background, providing helpful alignment techniques within a flowing series.

  • patti riccio
    patti riccio

    Patti Riccio was certified by Helen Garabedian through Itsy Bitsy Yoga for Babies, Tots, and Kids in 2003.  She was also certified in Radiant Child Yoga by Shakta Kaur Khalsa. Patti guides mothers with young babies and toddlers in a practice to strengthen their bond through yoga in a playful setting.  In her classes with children, she shares a blend of song, story, and guided yoga adventures to help children grow confident, happy, and healthy.

  • peggy berenblum
    peggy berenblum

    Growing up an athlete, Peggy played competitive sports throughout high school and college. Her junior year at Yale University, Peggy started teaching aerobics, and began her passion for the fitness industry. Since 1987, Peggy has taught aerobics, step aerobics, conditioning, kick boxing, etc. She started teaching vinyasa yoga in 2006 and teaches a vigorous, athletic practice, incorporating strength, balance, and flexibility while leaving her students in a calm state with a quiet mind after class. She loves making each class unique, challenging and fun and getting to know all of her students.

  • samantha pattinson
    samantha pattinson

    As  a mother of four, Samantha really appreciates the benefits of teaching yoga to children. She qualified as a children's yoga teacher at Kaia and bases her classes around yoga adventures and different themes. The classes include breathing, poses, games, mindfulness and guided relaxation appropriate to the age group.  Samantha has practiced yoga in London and Costa Rica as well as here in the USA.

  • samantha woodruff
    samantha woodruff

    Samantha Woodruff has been a devoted yoga practitioner for over 15 years. After the birth of her second child, she left her job in corporate strategy to pursue her passion for yoga, becoming a 200-hour certified teacher at Kaia Yoga. Samantha is interested in helping students make the connection between who we are on the mat, in our asana practice, and who we are—and can be—in the world. She believes that yoga can be energizing, relaxing and most of all, fun. Her teaching style is playful, upbeat and challenging, yet encouraging, with a focus on alignment (and rockin’ play lists).

  • sara murray
    sara murray

    Sara has been practicing yoga since 2001 and received her 200-hour certification from Saraswati’s Yoga Joint. She is eager to share with others the countless benefits yoga has brought to her own life. As a Registered Architect, Sara is interested in exploring the manipulation of body structure, along with the ability to access one’s own unique interior environment, in order to create internal space. Spaciousness is cultivated through a flow of movement, breath, and consciousness. Classes are upbeat, with an emphasis on letting go, becoming light, and expanding outward from an authentic place.

  • scott freyer

    Scott Freyer received his 200-hour yoga certification from Kaia Yoga where he now teaches both yin yoga and meditation. He has studied with a host of yoga and Buddhist teachers including David Nichtern, Shambhala NYC’s senior teacher. Scott currently resides in Norwalk, CT with his wife, Megan Freeman, also a Kaia yoga instructor and their 2-year-old yogini, Audrey Luna.

  •  shari balaish
    shari balaish

    Shari discovered the practice of yoga after the birth of her third child almost thirteen years ago. Yoga is an integral part of her life and “provides endless possibility for building strength and finding peace.” Shari received her 200 hour teacher training from Laws of Yoga and Power yoga for sports with Gwen Lawrence, kids’ yoga training with Laurie Jordan and an intensive with Ellen Saltonstall of the Anusara Hatha yoga method. She incorporates the principals of yoga and alignment into everything she does, from a simple walk, to spinning, to moments of parenting, to movement on the mat and truly loves to inspire students of all ages in their discovery of yoga.

  • sharon goodman
    sharon goodman

    Sharon’s passion for yoga began with her first class, she became a certified teacher in May of 2006 from The Birchwood Center in Nyack, NY. In her classes, her students will experience a combination of breathing techniques, carefully guided asanas (postures); and end with a few minutes of relaxation.  When not teaching yoga, Sharon works as a Holistic Health Coach helping people discover  a Healthy Balance between food & lifestyle choices.

  • skaila bhadha
    skaila bhadha

    Skaila  has been practicing yoga for the last ten years. Her roots in India took her back to study yoga through Meditation with renowned yoga scholar and teacher TKV Desikachar at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram. She has done her 200 Hour Teacher Training at Kaia Yoga with Gina Norman and Stan Woodman and continues to take workshops to further her passion for Gentle and Restorative yoga teaching techniques. Skaila brings a unique aspect of yoga to her students with Indian yoga philosophies and healing benefits.

  • talor bendel
    talor bendel

    Talor spent her college years competing on the swim team at the University of Michigan, she joined the U.S. National Team and had the fortune of competing and traveling around the globe. She found yoga a few years later as an alternative to being wet in the water and has never turned back! The love she has for practicing on her own mat led her to earn her 200 hr teaching certification with Gina Norman and Stan Woodman at Kaia Yoga.Talor teaches an upbeat, flowing Vinyasa class, incorporating breath, alignment, and mental focus along with energetic music and humor.