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susan ahlquist

Susan is a licensed and practical nurse and licensed massage therapist who specializes in the Kaia Signature, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone and Lymphatic massage techniques. She became interested in the therapeutic effects of massage throughout the course of many years working as a nurse at Yale New Haven Hospital. She became a massage therapist in 2011.  Yoga is an important part of her life and life’s work, putting her in sync with Kaia’s holistic philosophy.


mikel bensend

Mikel is a Certified Rolfer and blends techniques learned in his studies beginning in 1995 of Rolfing Structural Integration, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Rolf Movement Integration, Visceral Manipulation, Thai Yoga Massage and Neural Integration into his practice of gentle and effective Bodywork. He strives to bring that same openness to the body to promote ease and balance of posture and movement and help people transform physical and emotional limitations.

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nicole barry

Nicole Barry is a graduate from Connecticut Center of Massage Therapy, where she studied Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Kinesiology, and Acupressure.  She specializes in deep tissue and sports massage.  Nicole believes the most important tool a therapist can have is the ability to listen to her clients.  She customizes the massage for each individual, which allows Nicole and her client to work in partnership towards attaining the best quality health.

heather benson

Heather is a licensed massage therapist who specializes in deep tissue work involving pain and injury relief. She incorporates a variety of techniques into her style in order to be most effective. Heather is continuing her education with certifications for Myofascial release, cancer and shiatsu. Her goals are to work in the medical community to bring relief to those suffering from health conditions.

elizabeth crisci

Elizabeth completed her first 200 and 300 HR teacher trainings in 2006 and 2007. She has continued her study including: Thai Yoga, Restorative and Yin Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga. Elizabeth’s teaching is informed by her extensive education, her love of philosophy, and her understanding of the mind-body connection. Elizabeth began practicing yoga as a child after suffering a gymnastics injury. During her early years as a teacher she found a passion for anatomy and transformation which has led her to attain a Prenatal Certification and further study anatomy. Her fascination and connection with the human form is present in her classes, as well as her light-hearted approach.  Elizabeth encourages beginners as well as advanced students to safely and joyfully approach their edge each and every time they come to their mat.

krissy dorn

Krissy is a Chikara-Reiki-Do Master and certified Energy Therapy Practitioner trained in The Brennan Method, as well as a Spiritual Health Coach licensed through the Natural Therapy Board. She is a graduate of both the University of Connecticut and the Connecticut Healing Institute. Krissy is a firm believer that we as humans are truly three parts – mind, body, and spirit – and her treatments integrate each, combining thoughtful discussions, relaxation techniques, and strong healing energies.


sven englund

Originally from Connecticut Sven A. Englund studied massage therapy at Touchstone Healing Arts in Burlington Vermont. An active outdoors enthusiast he is spends his spare time in motion either skiing, rock climbing, or running. With his training as a massage therapist he is interested in helping people to work through their muscle aches and pains so they can pursue the goals to make their lives the most comfortable they can be.  Sven specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release,Trigger Point, and Athletic Massage.

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casey gleason

After earning her bachelor’s degree in Holistic Health from the University of Massachusetts, Casey became fascinated with holistic self-care, and the power of therapeutic touch through massage therapy. Casey has studied numerous forms of bodywork, including shiatsu, Swedish, athletic, prenatal massage, and reflexology. She believes that health is defined by how we live our lives mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and strives to improve her clients’ overall well-being through an integrated approach that honors the body’s intrinsic ability to heal.

mark gutkin

Mark Gutkin L.Ac. MS is a graduate of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine with a Master Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine. He practices traditional Chinese and Korean (SuJok) style acupuncture incorporating Chinese herbal medicine, Tui Na bodywork, Eastern Nutrition and lifestyle counseling. Mark specializes in post-surgical rehabilitation, chronic pain and arthritis as well as Digestive and Pre-/Post menopausal issues.

lisa kinsman

Lisa was certified by the American Reflexology Certification board in 2005 and previously studied reflexology in Hong Kong.  In addition to specialized training, including hand and ear reflexology, the Father Josef Method, reflexology for cancer patients, and Vertical Reflexology for pain relief, Lisa is certified in reiki and has studied Bodytalk, jin shin jyutsu, and aromatherapy.  She incorporates a variety of techniques into her sessions according to her clients’ needs, taking them on a deeply relaxing journey of self-discovery.

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deeann macomson

DeeAnn has been a massage therapist for fifteen years, creating tailor-made sessions to address the unique and individual needs of her clients.  DeeAnn graduated from the Swedish Institute for Massage Therapy in NY, earning an Associate’s Degree in Occupational Studies. She holds her National Certification in massage therapy and is a member of AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association).

In each session, her goal is to simply help the body return to balance through deep relaxation.  DeeAnn utilizes a varied range of techniques in order to achieve this goal.  These techniques include deep tissue work, trigger point therapy, energy work, stretching, and Swedish massage.

laura le morillon

Marie-Laurence (Laura) is a French native speaker from Paris.  She graduated from the Sarasota School of Massage Therapy in 1993 with the specialization in Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage. She has been exercising her dedicated expertise in holistic health to Fairfield County for the past 18 years throughout her professional practice as not only a reputable Massage Therapist but also as an engaging individual dedicated to alleviate pain and discomfort in a day and age which is in need of much relaxation and oneness.

sachi nakayama

Sachi is a Certified Rolfer who began her career in 1999 in Tokyo. Her studies include Rolfing Structural Integration, Rolf Movement Integration, Visceral Manipulation, Biomechanics and Ashibumi. She received her first Rolfing Series in 2002 and discovered that as her body gained integrity, her attitude toward life changed. She combines gentle manipulation with Movement Integration to help people start exploring new possibilities of being.


june ringelheim

June is a dedicated CranioSacral Therapist who brings a sensitivity and healing quality to her work.  She sees the body holistically, and strives to bring balance to body, mind and spirit in her sessions.  Also a certified massage therapist, she uses a variety of techniques such as swedish, deep tissue, myofacial release, and acupressure to achieve deep relaxation.  June is also certified in prenatal massage, and is a registered Bach Flower Practitioner.


sarita sahni

After years working in the publishing industry, Sarita was inspired to leave and explore a path that focused on improving overall health through therapeutic bodywork and stress reduction. She obtained her massage therapy license in Connecticut and New York over 10 years ago, and has been furthering her education ever since. Also a certified Reiki master, Sarita continues to study CranioSacral Therapy, reflexology, myofacial release, aromatherapy, and shamanic healing. She specializes in hot stone massage and common rotator cuff injuries.

lou veltri

Lou is a graduate of the New York Open Center’s Reflexology certification program studying with American Reflexology Certification Board director Wendy Coad. In addition, Lou has studied with Father Josef Eugster completing the FJM method, Ko Tan of the American Academy of Reflexology, and Oncology Nurse and Certified Reflexology Therapist, Susan Berenson. Lou is member of the International Reflexology Association and the Reflexology Association of Connecticut.

nick zachariadis

Nick graduated from the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in Westport, CT. His goal for every session, and every client, is to provide unwavering attention and intent. The time you set aside with him is time he will dedicate completely to you. Nick’s hope is to provide you with not only an hour or more of relaxation, but a noticeable improvement in both the health and harmony within your body