Our Classes

Please find our class descriptions below and discover which class suits you best.

A deep and well-rounded exploration of your practice. Together we will move through standing poses, supported balances, twists, and culminate in a final restorative pose. This class is ideal for newcomers and seasoned yogis alike and is particularly supportive of injury recovery and alignment.

Kaia restore💧

Take a moment to tune into yourself and out of the chaos of the day-to-day. Your instructor will guide you through supportive poses, deep breathing, and meditation that will allow you to restore and reset.  

Kaia calm💧

Press pause on your daily life and join us for a guided meditation that will explore different forms of breathing and relaxation leaving you feeling grounded and restored.

Kaia basics💧💧

Whether you're new to yoga or returning to your practice, this class celebrates the basics. Enjoy a challenging and light-hearted exploration of Sun Salutations and foundational poses that will leave you feeling more grounded and connected to your body.

Kaia slow flow💧💧

Slow things down to strengthen, stabilize and mobilize your joints. If you love vinyasa but want to move a little slower, this is the perfect class for you.

Kaia signature flow💧💧💧

Our Signature Vinyasa Flow. You'll find a fun and light-hearted, mid-intensity flow that will move you seamlessly from Sun Salutation to a final peak pose. We focus on inversions and breath work to ensure you leave class feeling challenged and balanced.

Kaia heated power hour💧💧💧

A challenging yoga flow that includes Sun Salutations, core work and arm balances. Each class is set to a theme that builds to a peak pose. These classes are designed to leave you feeling worked, detoxed and relaxed.

Kaia strong flow💧💧💧💧

Our Signature Vinyasa Flow with a little extra heat! Dive a little bit deeper into inversions, arm balances and advanced breathing to deepen your practice. A place to grow your yoga practice whilst working on your strength.

Kaia interactive stream 💧--💧💧💧

Join a zoom class while your instructor teaches from home. Teacher interacts with you and gives you feedback regarding alignment. Alternatively, you can keep your camera off.

Kaia live stream 💧--💧💧💧

Join a real-time studio class via zoom.


💧: Great place to begin or relax
💧💧: A strong beginning 
💧💧💧: Challenging 
💧💧💧💧: Most challenging

Kaia gentle💧