energy work


The energy systems in the healthy body are in balance, but they can be disrupted by stress, and this unbalancing may have physical manifestations such as pain. The reiki practitioner is trained to channel energy from the universal energy source, which flows through his or her hands to the body of the receiver.


Balancing our energy centers, chakras helps us to live at our highest, healthiest potential. Our chakras store patterns of energy from a lifetime of our experiences, both past and recent. During a session the practitioner will place their hands on your energy centers, then move through a series of specific positions.


For thousands of years harmonic sound vibrations have been used to facilitate therapeutic re-balancing to the mind and body. Through the use of overtone-emitting instruments (singing bowls, chimes, etc.), it is believed that the alpha and theta brain waves are stimulated in a way that is associated with deep meditative and peaceful states highly conducive to healing.


This heart-centered, energy-based therapy clears, aligns and balances mind and body. It detects and corrects imbalances in the energy field. A Healing Energy practitioner will enhance the natural healing process of body, mind and spirit by influencing the chakras and the human energy field