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with Jillian Pransky


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Learn to create and guide a customized practice that helps you and your students release layers of tension, calm the nervous system, and feel at e

Thursday, February 4 - Friday, March 5

Come join us in community to deepen your understanding, practice, and teaching of Restorative Yoga in this virtual training led by Jillian Pransky, author of Deep Listening, Certified Yoga Therapist recognized by IYAT, and YACEP Provider, with over 20 years of experience leading trainings grounded in the latest scientific research.


You’ll receive 40 hours of live online instruction that include lectures, discussions, guided practices, and small-group exercises to practice receiving and leading Restorative Yoga.


In addition, 30 hours of on-demand programming will offer posture tutorials with detailed propping breakdowns, lecture highlights, and tips on how to integrate instruction, breathing, and meditation in a Restorative Yoga practice.


You’ll do this at a mindful pace, so you have plenty of time in between to rest, review, and integrate what you’ve learned.


Finally, you’ll take home a comprehensive digital manual and supplemental reading for a deeper, self-guided study into research, techniques, and practice.


40 live (virtual) workshop hours (contact hours)

40+ additional hours

30 hours of on-demand tutorials, posture clinics, practices, and short lectures (contact hours)

10 hours of outside assignment and reading (non-contact hours)

Yoga Alliance is currently counting all online programming as contact hours.

3 purchases are required to join—

$1,025 Base Tuition. Register now.
Six-month access to live session recordings.


$150 for Yoga Journal’s Restorative 101 on demand program. (After you register for the base tuition, you'll receive a confirmation email with a promo code for Restorative 101.)

If you already completed this or own it, no need to purchase again. (Apologies, we’re unable to offer price adjustments for previous purchases.)
Lifetime access to materials.


$25 for Deep Listening, available on Amazon or your local bookshop. Order now.
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This virtual training offers the foundations of designing and teaching an effective Restorative Yoga practice and prepares you to offer full Restorative Yoga classes, incorporate restoratives into your current yoga classes, develop a deeper personal practice, and integrate restoratives with other types of therapeutic modalities.


We’ll focus on creating sessions that harness the therapeutic impact of Restorative Yoga to create balance, reduce stress, nurture inner quiet, and create conditions for self-awareness, compassion, and healing.


We’ll discuss the latest mind-body research in Western medical science and where and how it intersects with Eastern philosophy. Through dedicated intensives on the anatomy of the psoas and nervous system as well as the five Koshas and subtle body, you’ll gain a solid understanding of how to integrate the physical body, subtle energy body, emotional body, and mental body in order to release tension, promote relaxation, renew energy, and optimize our self-healing systems.


Together we’ll thoroughly examine how to build restorative experiences using restorative poses, mindful movement and stillness, breath awareness exercises, and guided relaxation to help heal and transform ourselves and our students. We’ll also learn to bring students into deeper states of relaxation through the use of voice, verbal cueing, props, and sequencing. We’ll also talk about how to adapt and evolve when teaching yoga online.


Through this training, we’ll also discover how to sense into the depths of our own postures and practices. As a result, we’ll be able to offer more nuanced guidance and support through cues that address the physical, energetic, and mental body—inviting students to welcome a greater sense of well-being and wholeness.


Upon completion, you’ll be able to create, guide, and practice a customized Restorative Yoga practice for yourself and others.


Science of the relaxation response theory

Anatomy of the psoas and nervous system

Anatomy of the subtle body (koshas)

Neurological, physical, psychological, and energetic principles of working with Restorative Yoga

Making skillful propping decisions

Basic sequencing theory and themes

Unique use of verbal cueing and vocal skills to guide students into deeper relaxation

Foundations for building a restorative practice for private clients and group classes online and in person.

Incorporating restoratives in traditional Hatha yoga or vinyasa yoga group classes

Cultivating relationships with yourself, your practice, your students, and your community

Developing Restorative Yoga as a practice for peace in our lives and on the planet

Live virtual lectures

Live virtual interactive mentorship sessions

Live virtual weekly practice

On-demand posture clinics, tutorials, practices, and short lectures through Restorative 101, my online program with Yoga Journal

Virtual breakout sessions to work with fellow students that will include discussion, practice teaching opportunities, community support

Private Facebook Group community for continued connection and discussion throughout the training and beyond

Weekly check-ins and open classroom hours supported by assisting teachers


An 80 Hour Restorative Yoga Certification of Completion. This can be used for Yoga Alliance CEUs 70 Contact hours and 10 Non-contact hours

An extensive training manual

A list of recommended reading and resources

An follow-up guide to online resources for continued study and practice



New and experienced yoga teachers as well as health care professionals, including doctors, nurses, psychotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, mental-health professionals, counselors, body workers, mind-body fitness instructors, health coaches, and others working in healing, helping, and teaching professions.


*please note all times are in EST

Thursday, February 4
10:00am - 2:30pm
Welcome and Orientation
Foundations: Restorative Yoga & The Nervous System

Friday, February 5
Weekly Class

The Spirit of Restorative Yoga: Koshas:
Integrating physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies

Tuesday, February 9
7:30 - 8:00pm
Weekly Check-In and Open Classroom Hours Led by Assistant Teachers (Optional)

Thursday, February 11
Morning Practice Workshop

Physical Anatomy of Rest & Digest:
A focus on the psoas, diaphragm, and vagus nerve when working with stress and relaxation

Friday, February 12
Weekly Class

The Art Of Savasana: How To Prop
Alignment of the Body, Mind, and Breath
Working with Anxiety in Savasana and Restoratives

Introduction to Restorative 101
In the next 20 days, you’ll complete 30 hours of self-guided, on-demand coursework*


*Recommended self-paced schedule:
February 12-19 ~ Welcome, Fundamentals, Practice Essentials, Savasana, Slow Flow
February 18-27 ~ Constructive Rest, Legs Up, Surf Board, Easy Chest Opener, Twist, Goddess, Side Lean, Supported Fish
February 28-March 4 ~ Catch up on any incomplete work

Tuesday, February 16
7:30 - 8:00pm
Weekly Check-In and Open Classroom Hours Led by Assistant Teachers (Optional)

Friday, February 19
Weekly Class

Mentorship Session and Breakout Room Practice

Tuesday, February 23
7:30 - 8:00pm
Weekly Check-In and Open Classroom Hours Led by Assistant Teachers (Optional)

Friday, February 26
Weekly Class

11:30am - 4:00pm
Guiding & Cueing Students Into Deeper States of Relaxation
(Open to the public for registration. Includes morning class. Learn more here.)

Saturday, February 27
10:00am - 1:30pm
Mentorship Session and Breakout Room Practice

Tuesday, March 2
7:30 - 8:00pm
Weekly Check-In and Open Classroom Hours Led by Assistant Teachers (Optional)

Thursday, March 4
10:00am - 1:00pm
Teaching Restorative Yoga Online
(Open to the public for registration. Learn more here.)

Friday, March 5
10:00 - 11:00am
Weekly Class

11:30am - 4:00pm
Final Practice Teach Breakout Room, Closing Q&A, and Graduate Circle



“Run, don’t walk, to study with Jillian Pransky. She is truly inspired and gifts, not to mention generous with her energy and teachings. Her trainings and manual are the most clear of any instruction I have ever experienced. It was a blessing to study with her….In Jillian’s restorative yoga teacher training you receive comprehensive, extremely organized and yet loving, kind, and entertaining instruction. You cover principles of placing/guiding the body, breath and mind. You learn propping, alignment, anatomy, energetic physiology, sequencing, and so much more. Her breadth of knowledge and years of experience provide such insight into what deep relaxation can express or trigger on an emotional and psychological level in the client and she includes guidance and tips on how to provide safe, professional space.”
— Lisa, Yoga Therapist


“My week with Jillian was healing, restful, inspiring, and fun. It opened my eyes to the kind of healing work we can do at all levels. As the only non-yoga teacher in the class, I was nervous about having the skills that I would need to do the work but Jillian made all the concepts so accessible. I learned an enormous number of new tools and skills that I can use for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing for my patients and for myself.”
— Alison, M.D.


“I was delighted by Jillian’s light-hearted approach in which I laughed and enjoyed myself while learning so much. I left confident and passionate to share the practice with others. Just days after training, I was able to bring deeper states of ease and relaxation to a man suffering from cancer (and his wife) as well as a mother of four with a newborn. I am excited to bring this level of rest and healing to many others.”
— Shauna, Yoga Therapist


“Jillian’s Healing Yoga Teacher Training series changed the way I think about healing. As a psychotherapist and yoga teacher, I now have an entirely new set of tools to share with my clients that offers a holistic approach to healing the mind through the body via a somatic experience. I am SO glad and grateful to have been a part of this training. It was truly magical!”
— Rebecca, Psychotherapist and Yoga Teacher


(MODULE 1) Foundations: Restorative Yoga & The Nervous System
In this opening module, you’ll dive into the foundational principles of Restorative Yoga and how it differs from Yin Yoga, meditation, Yoga Nidra, and other yoga practices, along with what makes a practice physiologically and neurologically restorative. Plus, you’ll explore the basic anatomy of the nervous system as it relates to the stress response and relaxation response theory, with the aim of understanding how you can use Restorative Yoga to calm the nervous system for health and healing.


(MODULE 2) The Spirit of Restorative Yoga—Koshas:
Integrating physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies
At the heart of yoga are principles of wholeness and oneness, often taught through the five Koshas, our layers of being. In this lecture, you’ll receive an introduction to the Koshas and how they can help organize and guide your approach to practice and teaching.


(MODULE 3) Physical Anatomy of Rest & Digest:
A focus on the psoas, diaphragm, and vagus nerve when working with stress and relaxation.
After a 90-minute core practice, you’ll explore basic anatomy of the core through additional experiential exercises. Plus, you’ll learn how alignment affects breathing, and how breathing impacts overall well-being, including the nervous system and all of the systems that influence health and healing. The discussion will address well-being from the top down (brain to body) and from the bottom up (body to brain). We’ll learn breathing practices and awareness tools to integrate in restorative poses


(MODULE 4) The Art Of Savasana: How To Prop
Alignment of the Body, Mind, and Breath
Working with Anxiety in Savasana and Restoratives
Learn how to set up a basic Savasana, as well as several variations depending on the props available and individual needs of your students. The discussion will consider both online teaching as well as in-person approaches. Plus, we’ll look at how to offer poses during times of higher anxiety, when it’s difficult to rest comfortably or be still. This module will also support our fundamental approach to all of our other poses, no matter what restorative “shapes” we work with.


(MODULE 5) Restorative 101
This segment, an on-demand online program Jillian created for Yoga Journal, includes 30 hours of lectures, tutorials, poses clinics, and four full restorative practices, a slow flow warm-up sample and tutorial, plus a detailed Savasana practice that you’ll take at your own pace over two weeks. (Learn more here.)


You’ll then meet up with the bigger group for three interactive mentorship sessions that include Q&A and group discussion, small group exercises, and teaching practice in breakout rooms. Plus this module is yours to keep for continual access for years to come.


(MODULE 6) Guiding & Cueing Students Into Deeper States of Relaxation
Using the principles of the koshas, the nervous system, right and left brain learning and perception, the latest neurological research supporting relaxation and language, and teacher-student connection, you’ll learn how to artfully choose words, create imagery, sequence instructions, and craft a pace and tone that will help your students initiate their own healing and rejuvenation. We will explore guided relaxation, meditation, and yoga nidra.


(MODULE 7) Teaching Restorative Yoga Online
Teaching Restorative Yoga online (versus in a classroom) is a very different experience. With a focus on propping instructions, demonstrations, cuing, sequencing, and more, you’ll explore how to offer Restorative Yoga when you can’t see your students. You’ll also prepare for a variety of challenges that may come up in a virtual space. Plus, we’ll conclude with an open community discussion on protocol, practices, and techniques that have worked best, from platforms and technology to marketing.

(MODULE 8) Mentorship Closing Session
Join a final community discussion and Q&A, and you’ll get an opportunity to teach a full practice and receive peer feedback.

Weekly Classes: This one-hour class is designed to enhance your own personal practice and cultivate a deeper understanding of crafting restorative experiences. The practice will include centering meditation, breath awareness, mindful yoga movement, and restorative poses. If you miss class live, you may access the recording.

Mentorship Sessions: After a short themed talk on topics covered to date, specifically addressing teaching techniques and methodology, you’ll engage in a Q&A along with community discussion.

Breakout Practices: Hosted by Jillian and assisting teachers, each session offers you an opportunity to hone your teaching skills, receive peer feedback, and connect with fellow classmates. After a brief introduction and assignment, you’ll explore a variety of teaching exercises in small break-out groups, then come back together for a larger discussion.


Does this training offer continuing education credits?
Yes, this is a 80-hour training—there are 40 live (virtual) workshop hours and 30 hours of on-demand videos, plus 10 hours assignments and reading). 70 Hours will be accepted by Yoga Alliance as contact hours CEUs and 10 Hours of Non-contact hours CEUs.

If I cannot attend a live session, will I have access to the recording?
Yes, live sessions will be recorded and placed in the online studio platform, Namastream, for you to view. However, you’ll get much more out of the training if you attend live.

How long will I have access to the recordings?
You’ll have access to the recordings of our live modules (including classes and mentorship sessions) for six (6) months. You will have lifetime access to Restorative 101 through Yoga Journal. Click here to learn more.

On what platform will the training take place?
It will take place on two platforms, Namastream and Zoom. You’ll access the training through Namastream, which will prompt you to click on a link to enter the zoom room.

Jillian has been leading teacher trainings for 20 years and continues to evolve her Restorative Yoga training annually to keep up with the latest research.

She has trained thousands of yoga teachers.

Her practical trainings prepares you to create a restorative experience and deepen your own practice.

You’ll enhance your understanding and experience of the deeper dimensions of yoga.

She has experience holding space in-person, virtually, and in real time, and fostering community.

You’ll access recordings for 6 months—plenty of time to revisit 40 hours of live material! Plus, you’ll have lifetime access to 30 hours of on-demand programming.

With a focus on the relaxation response and Restorative Yoga, we will work with evidence-based research that proves benefits for insomnia, stress and its effects, pain, trauma, mental health, and more.


Register: https://app.namastream.com/#/jillian-pransky-yoga/product/25728