Kaia Yoga's

foundations of Thai level 1 & 2


with - Shai Plonski

Foundations in Thai Massage Part 1 and Part 2


Part 1: March 6, 13, 20, 27
Part 2: April 10, 17, 24, May 1


You do not need to take both levels of the training. 

Cost: One level: $275/$225 (within two weeks) 

Both Levels: $450/ $425 (within two weeks) 


Foundations in Thai Massage is a game-changer and is designed for massage practitioners, yogis or anyone with a thirst for how to give an incredible Thai Massage.

It is designed to support students without any experience and help them reach a high degree of comfort and expertise right from the moment they complete the course. As a result, you’ll be able to make a massive impact in the lives of people you massage.


At the same time, you’ll be learning a massage that is so healthy for you, the giver. You will get immense physical, mental and emotional benefits from every massage you give while making this practice a regular part of your life.


It goes far beyond witnessing the positive differences in the life of people you’ll be massaging.


Thai Massage and the principles behind this practice -including mindfulness, loving-kindness in action, slowing down as the secret to giving high quality treatments- all contribute to your sense of purpose, connectedness, health and well-being.


It is a holistic practice that adds to your quality of life in so many ways.


In Part 1, through the first four weeks, you will learn in-depth Thai Massage techniques for the shoulders, neck, feet, legs and back. You’ll be able to give a 75-minute Thai Massage


In Part 2, over the final four weeks you’ll learn to massage, the abdomen, arms, hands and head and more techniques for the legs. You’ll also learn how to create highly customized massages and how to incorporate the wisdom of Ayurveda (Indian medicine) for a more holistic massage approach.


When you complete the entire 8-week online course you will know 2.5 hours of massage techniques and how to customize all that you learn at the highest level in order to give tailored massages for your clients and family of any length.


Completing a series of quizzes, practice massages, and video demonstrating your proficiency will make you eligible to receive certification from the Still Light Center. For massage professionals, the course counts as 45 hours of continuing education CEUs through NCBTMB*.


This program includes:

8-weeks of live online coaching meetings with Shai Plonski, founder of Still Light Center

Part 1 happens over four weeks, with each live session lasting 3 hours

Part 2 happens over four weeks, with each live session lasting 3 hours

Lifetime access to the 46 videos that take you by the hand to learn all of the techniques

PDF download of "Thai Massage: Unlocking the Secrets of Universal Touch" by Shai Plonski (180 page book)
Replays of all live meetings to refer back to so you can learn at your own pace


When we say step-by-step instruction, we mean it. Shai brings all his experience of teaching over 5,800 students in a near-20-year career walking you through this every step of the way. It’s like being brought into the classroom, with the added bonus that you get to learn from the comfort of your own home, at your pace, in your time.


How do we do it?


How do we bring the classroom experience to your home? By creating a system of learning and learning tools that are detailed, supportive, easy-to-follow and intuitive. And then providing weekly meetings to instruct, coach, encourage, support, answer questions and push you in your learning.


The course starts by building your foundation on the secrets to giving an incredible massage that is as good for you as it is for your clients and partners. There are 4 pillars to giving an out-of-this world massage and they are easy to learn and integrate.


Once you have the basics down, there are demonstrations of small pieces of the massage that show you each technique. From there, get with your partner to practice the guided practice of what you just learned.


Finally, comes plug and play videos that guide you how to give the massage from the beginning to whatever spot you’re at it in the massage.


This layered approach to learning means that you are constantly refining, improving, reinforcing everything you learn, every step of the way.


The last part of the training, tapping into the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda, teaches you how to customize the massage, to build those perfect sessions that go beyond the physical issues. You’ll have a handle on the holistic experience and how to tailor each session that sees each person as the most amazing person that they are.


The transformation you’ll experience as you go through this training happens on many levels. On the one hand you’ll have the skills to give an incredible Thai Massage to help make a real and profound difference in the care and well-being of your clients and family members.


People often report back how these sessions help with issues that no other health professional had been able to help them with. And those results often happen within days of completing the training.


Meanwhile, you grow stronger and more flexible from giving a massage that teaches you how to use your forearms, elbows, knees and feet while saving your hands and thumbs.


You tap into youthful exuberance, new sources of energy and renewed vitality because this massage connects you with your heart, your intuition, and the healing wisdom of your body.


The lessons you learn in the massage, around mindfulness, setting intentions, slowing down, being loving to yourself as you help others, making choices that are as good for your body as the person you’re helping have dramatic real-world impact in all facets of your life.


It helps you to live each day from a place that is balanced, healthy, whole.


8-Week Online Coaching Breakdown
Part One of the training (Four weeks.)


Week 1: The 4 Pillars & Learning the Seated Massage In week one you’ll learn the foundations for giving an out-of-this world mutually amazing massage. You’ll then learn the Seated Massage to massage and stretch the shoulders, neck, back, and hips.


Week 2: The Foot Massage & Single Leg Massage You’ll learn to give a heavenly foot massage that relaxes, stretches and melts away tension. You’ll also have a video that guides you through everything you’ve learned up till now, putting it all together. You’ll then begin to learn the leg massage, giving a deeply relaxing and nourishing energy massage.


Week 3: Single Leg Massage- continued Single Leg Massage targets the unsung heroes of the body and will target your hardest working muscles and joints of the body using a mixture of massage, energy and stretching techniques. This part of the massage also has a huge impact on the back and is great for both active and less active people to receive. You’ll also have a video that guides you through everything you’ve learned up till now, putting it all together.


Week 4: Back Massage Starting from the feet and finishing at the head, these techniques will get into places in the body that are almost always screaming out to be massaged. You’ll use a rich combination of forearms, elbows, hands knees and even feet to target every aspect of the back body in a way that is playful to give and so deeply effective. You’ll also have a video that guides you through everything you’ve learned up till now, putting it all together.


Part Two of the training (Four weeks.)
Week 5: Double Legs When you stretch both legs at the same time you target the back, the hips & the hamstrings in a rich combination of ways that further deepens all the back massage work done in the previous section.

Week 6: Abdominal, Arms, Hands & Head Massage The abdominal massage gets straight to those places where you hold stress and anxiety and you will calmly and expertly help release some of the deepest tension in the body and help the digestive system. The massage finishes on the hugest of high notes with a blissful and thorough session for the arms, hands, neck, shoulders and head. There will be one final video that takes you through everything you’ve learned with brand new students going through it for the first time, with pacing that is tailor made for your skill level.

Week 7: Customizing the Massage Part 1 Customizing first for physical issues. We’ll have an in-depth discussion of strategies and choices that can be made so that you choose the best techniques for highly tailored 60 and 90-minute massage.

We’ll continue with an introduction to Ayurveda, the Indian system of medicine. Ayurveda means ‘The science of life’ and here we will learn and use some of the core components of the system to help us better understand our clients. The point is to make a complete holistic experience that targets the physical issues while also having the tools and the knowledge to create a customized experience that can be at times, grounding, nurturing or invigorating depending on the needs of your clients and partners.

Week 8: Customizing the Massage Part 2
We’ll wrap up the course with one more session on customizing to help consolidate everything you’ve learned up till now. And then time will be allotted to give a complete session to your partner. Finally, we'll come together to celebrate, review, fine-tune and answer any questions that are coming up


*Getting Certified & Receiving CEUs
The steps to getting certified are:

Give 40 practice massages
Complete the written evaluation
Submit a video of yourself completing a 90-minute massage
Receive feedback

Additional cost due for certification: $125

The course is eligible for 45 CEUs with NCBTMB. The steps to getting CEUs are:


Complete the written evaluation
Submit a video of themselves completing a 90-minute customized massage in order to show they have successfully integrated the course material.
Additional cost due when submitting video: $125.

(Fee is waived if also completing certification process)


The webinars will be held on Zoom. A Zoom account is required to take part in the course. A link to the webinars will be emailed after you register for the course. Clicking on the link will prompt you to set up a Zoom account if it is your first time using the program.