Kaia Yoga's

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Level Two



with - Megan Moss Freeman

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Level Two (25 hours)
Chakras + The Nervous System

With Megan Moss Freeman and Special Guests Joe Barnett + Marietta Skeen

In this next level Yin Yoga Training we’ll continue to explore skeletal variations through practice and discussion, this time focusing on the Caterpillar (hamstrings + back body) and Dog (upper body) families of Yin postures. We will learn ways to use the wall and other things around the house to support our practice in addition to learning some assisted one-on-one techniques for when COVID is history! Joe Barnett, longtime student and assistant to Paul Grilley, will be joining us for two days to share his invaluable insight on Yin Yoga and Skeletal Variations, with a special emphasis on the Chakras. As we learn about our energetic body through the lens of the Chakras, we will also be looking at how Yin yoga affects our nervous systems. Marietta Skeen, Body Centered Psychotherapist + Energy Worker, will be leading a module looking at the Vagus nerve and techniques to track and eventually regulate our nervous systems. As always there will be plenty of time for discussion and review of all things Yin! This training is intended for those who have already taken a Level 1 Yin Training with me, however, if you are interested in taking the course and have not taken one of my trainings, just reach out and we can chat!

Join live on Zoom (suggested if possible!) or watch a recording if you can't make it of the following modules:

Friday Feb 5th 5:30-8pm ET: Yin Practice with Megan

Saturday Feb 6 3-6pm ET: Caterpillar Family (Hamstrings + Back Body) with Megan

Sunday Feb 7 Times TBD: Nervous System with Marietta / Ways to Support our Nervous System in Yin

Wed Feb 10th 6-8pm ET: Chakra Yin Practice with Joe

Fri Feb 12 5:30-8pm ET: Dog Family (Upper Body) / Postures at the Wall

Sat Feb 13th 2:30-5:30pm ET: Yin Yoga, Chakras + Functional Anatomy w Joe

Sun Feb 14 9am-11:30am ET: Megan Assisted Yin / Discussion + Review

Tues Feb 16 5:30-7:30 ET: Yin Practice with Megan

25 Hours (20 Zoom Hours / 5 Homework Hours)