online/in-studio private yoga


60 min active vinyasa style private class which can be tailored towards your bodies needs and what you want to learn.  A great way to fine tune your practice receiving the attention of a teacher to help you with alignment, questions you may have about poses or breathing and help to you play with inversions and arm balances.  


Therapeutic yoga tailors to the health needs of the individual. It helps to promote all-around positive health, as well as assisting particular medical conditions. This therapy is particularly appropriate for many chronic conditions that persist despite conventional medical treatment.


60 min one on one session tailored to deep opening all your tight areas.  yin yoga is a deep practice that requires holding certain postures to stimulate the body’s connective tissue and create greater flexibility.  Lots of yummy hip and hamstring opening poses.  Complementary to other more vigorous yoga styles and sports.


These sessions are designed to meet you where you are.  Work on meditation technique, posture and how to build a steady practice into your life.  One on one sessions are a great way to tailor a meditation practice for your needs and goals.

30 or 60 Minute Sessions!


A session that incorporates evaluation of students breathing, guidance to learn full complete breathing as well as incorporating various pranayama techniques geared towards the students needs.

30 or 60 Minute Sessions!


This 60 min session focuses on deep relaxation exactlyas you need it.  Bolsters, blankets and blocks completely supporting you in every blissful resting pose!  Reboot your nervous system and give yourself the rest you deserve. This class incorporates pranayama (breath work) and meditation. 


Training for an endurance race noticing that the sport you love is tightening your body. This session is designed for athletes to bring flexibility and strength to all muscles groups and build better balance so you can continue the sports you love without injury.


Kaia Yoga’s Mentoring Programs are designed to give guidance, support, direction, and feedback and build a unique, confident, embodied, creative, and courageous practitioner and teacher.  Check out our different mentoring options pre training, during teacher training and post training to help move toeard completion.


Do you love hot yoga but want 

the attention of a one on one private yoga session.  

Vinyasa or yin style yoga privates are offered in the hot room for an additional $25!


A private Aerial Yoga session allows students to re-discover familiar postures in bold new ways. Using an aerial hammock, we'll explore movement from a whole different perspective! Prepare to strengthen, stretch and soar!


a one on one session designed to use yoga poses, mindfulness practices, and stress relieving breathwork to reduce stress and promote fertility.


Whether you are friends that want to motivate each other or a couple that wants some quality time doing something together that is also healthy for your body while connecting to one another.  A two person session can be tailored towards both your needs. For those guys out there trying to find

some thing that

your significant other would love this is it! 

 She will love you for it trust me :)


Yoga during the most special time of pregnancy can help you to adapt to the changes of your body while preparing both your body and mind for birth. Practicing yoga during pregnancy will not only help you deal with stress, the changes thru the trimesters but will also help you in recovery after you give birth. 


Performed on a floor mat, wearing loose, comfortable clothes. It incorporates t’ai chi moves, rhythmic motion, gentle stretching and the conscious use of breath. During a session, the practitioner pays careful attention to the recipient’s level of flexibility and breath as they gently move the individual into different poses.

yoga nidra

Take a break just for you through this guide relaxation.  Nidra means sleep. This meditation and restful practice takes you through a full body relaxation coupled with restorative breathing techniques to bring about a deep state of rest for your nervous system and overall well being.

corporate yoga

Bring yoga to your work place! Many businesses are now offering yoga and wellness services to their employees to keep them healthy, happy and productive.  Research shows that yoga can reduce stress levels, improve concentration, strengthen immune systems and reduce sick days.

kids private

Kids today face alot of stress and this is only increases as they get older.  During this session your teacher will make yoga acessable to your childs age and they will leave with tool box full of helpful techniques they can practice anytime to not only stregthen their body but balance all the stress they encounter as they grow.


Wellness is a whole body and mind experience at Kaia Yoga we offer tools to help you achieve balance thru massage, energy work, guided breathing and guided meditation.  We can customize a healing program for you as an individual or your business.  Please contact us to gain a complete list of total mind body sessions and classes.