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Kaia Yoga offers a diverse range of classes at our three locations. We teach all different styles of yoga – to all different levels of participants.


Vinyasa Yoga syncs breath to movement through a flowing, dynamic sequence of poses. Classes warm up with various sun salutations and then move sequentially through standing and seated poses. The order of the asanas is carefully designed to open up the body, lengthen the breath and calm the mind.

Mysore-style ashtanga yoga is a flowing series of breath driven movements that follows the same sequence every time. Students of all levels can progress at their own pace with individual, one-on-one guidance from the teacher. Ashtanga classes offer a glimpse into the discipline and quietness that the sequence brings. Learn more about our Mysore Program.

gentle, restorative, yin and meditation
hot yoga

Heated yoga classes are vinyasa style classes that detoxify and cleanse the body and mind. Heated studios are now available at all locations. Rooms are heated at 95 degrees and classes range in level.

These practices aim at igniting the body’s healing potential by balancing the nervous system and helping to initiate the relaxation response in all of the systems of the body.


Gentle yoga helps you develop a strong foundation in standing poses, balancing, twists and restorative. Not a lot of down dog or plank. Supportive class for injuries.

​Yin is a​ deep practice that requires holding certain postures to stimulate the body's connective tissue and create a greater flexibility. Lots of yummy hip and hamstring opening poses. Complimentary to other more vigorous yoga styles and sports.

​Restorative yoga classes allow your body and mind to truly rest. You will use a variety of props to support your body in relaxing poses while releasing your muscles and tuning into your breath. Each pose is held for 5-15 minutes. Melt your tensions away while opening up your back, hips, and shoulders.

Meditation If you're new to meditation, or if you've been practicing steadily for years, this class will begin with meditation instruction, a period of meditation followed with discussion (Q & A).

family classes

Family classes invite you and all of your loved ones to experience the joy and peace of yoga. A full program of family classes has been designed to support all stages of life, from preconception through teen years. The Westport studio offers a full range of options including prenatal, mommy & me, toddler, and teen classes. There are also monthly family classes, kaia kids teacher training, and more.

rope wall classes

The Iyengar Rope Wall Class incorporates the use of straps, bars and swings attached to the rope wall to support the body enabling you to hold poses longer, refine alignment and reap the full benefits of asana.