boutique & lounge

Kaia is committed to your mind, body and soul. So, in addition to our yoga and spa offerings, we have a boutique and lounge.

Come to the Kaia boutique to enrich your yoga experience. Browse – both on-site and online – for yoga gear, books, candles, kids items and all your wellness needs.

Relax and enjoy downtime in our beautiful community space. The Café & Lounge areas offer free wifi and can be booked for corporate meetings or team gatherings. Check our calendar for Café events, such as cooking classes, live music and fascinating speakers. 


Yogis believe that fresh, purifying foods is important to our health. Kaia Cafe was created with this in mind. The Café offers a wide variety of 100% organic, fresh juices, nutrient-dense whole foods, refreshing smoothies, and a wide variety of healthy, delicious snacks.

Yoga & Food

Yoga philosophy teaches us we are influenced by three qualities (gunas): tamas (negativity and laziness), rajas (energy and preservation), and sattva (purity, calmness, and peace). All foods fall into one of these gunas. Negative (tamasic) foods are: beef/pork, alcohol and processed foods. Energizing (rajasic) foods are: hot, spicy, bitter, sour and pungent. Purifying, peaceful (sattvic) foods are: fresh fruits and vegetables, natural sweeteners like honey and agave, whole grains, legumes, and nuts. If you avoid negative foods, primarily eat from the purifying foods, and partake sparingly of the energizing foods, you will experience peacefulness, happiness and health in your body and your mind. Your practice of yoga will become much easier, flexibility will grow, strength will develop, your mood will improve and your habitual thoughts will become more uplifting.

kaia café offerings

Check out our newest 100% all natural and organic menu. Smoothies, soups, sandwiches ... Mmm.

café workshops

Learn to prepare more nutritious foods for you and your family. Find out more now.


Our food is too good not to share. Learn how we can cater your next party, event or ... life.


Restore health, balance and well-being to your life in a most delicious way. Try one of Kaia’s all natural cleanses.

farmer's market

Make nutrition a way of life. Shop for healthy foods at our all natural farmer's market stand.