​There are so many great treasures and miracles within you, so many magical possibilities hidden inside you. Through discipline, you can make them manifest for you, and in this way, you can make the earth a greater paradise.
                                                                                                       - Swami Chidvilasananda

When we practice yoga, we create space in our body and mind. Yoga helps us to realize that we have the power to direct our lives, find balance, awaken to our inner strengths and enhance our holistic health. With this strength we are able to nurture our spirit, our body, and all our relationships.

The word kaia means 'pure'. Gina and Stan Woodman created Kaia Yoga with the understanding that optimum health and happiness is achieved when we strengthen our bodies, purify our systems, and nourish our relationships. 

Gina & Stan are devoted yogis who have practiced and taught around the world. Kaia Yoga is the realization of their vision for a complete wellness center where each person has the support to find his or her pure self. Kaia offerings nourish all the layers of the self: body, mind, spirit and kula (family).

Complete wellness is not just about the body and mind; it’s about the soul, too. That's why Gina and Stan founded the Kaia Foundation to give back to the community. In yoga language, it’s called karma. Get involved or learn more. 

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Using an aerial hammock, we'll explore movement from a whole different perspective!

Kaia Yoga offers a full schedule of classes at our three locations. We teach all different styles of yoga – to all different levels of participants.

Expand your knowledge and explore a wide variety of workshops on yoga, meditation, health, parenting, training and more.

Take time for yourself on one of our day-long, weekend and week-long retreats throughout the year.

Meet our friendly team of yoga professionals.

Kaia Yoga offers several different pricing plans. So whether you’re interested in an unlimited monthly pass, private lessons, spa membership or family options, we have a plan to fit your budget.