Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand.

- Old Chinese Proverb


The path of yoga is an infinite, life-long journey. Teaching yoga allows you to share your beliefs, thoughts and actions, creating a life of integrity and authenticity.

Kaia Yoga offers many different training opportunities. There are several 200 hour sessions scheduled throughout the year.  This is a program created by Stan and Gina, with an emphasis on vinyasa (breath and movement connection), intelligent sequencing, alignment, practical mindfulness and loving kindness. We have been offering 200 Hour courses since 2006 and have graduated over 100 students.



Since 2011, we’ve offered a 500 Hour Yoga Alliance Program, the first of its kind in Connecticut. There is also Kaia Kids Yoga Teacher Training, designed to help kids find their inner yogi. Additionally, we have smaller yoga teacher trainings for prenatal, yin, restorative and meditation. So whether you’re a yoga student seeking to deepen your practice or a teacher looking to further your commitment, there is a training for you.

training programs 


teacher training



  • jillian pransky restorative yoga
    minimal props restorative yoga teacher training
    Jillian Pransky
    Westport: May 21

    $75 early registration / $90 after May 15th 

    Discover how to develop a profoundly healing practice with only a few props & offer creative variations on traditional asanas.

  • deepen your practice: 100 hour teachertraining - module 1 - weekends
    Gina Norman and Stan Woodman
    Westport: Sept. 19 - Oct. 19
    $1,600 / $3,200 with "Becoming a Teacher" Immersion
    Continue your journey to advance your practice and understanding of yoga, and to become a yoga teacher.

  • becoming a teacher: 100 hour teacher training - module 2 - weekends
    Gina Norman and Stan Woodman
    Westport: Nov. 7 - Dec. 6, 2014
    $1,800 / $3,200 with "Deepen Your Practice" Immersion
    Join us for this 100 Hour Immersion into teaching and technique. This  is for those who have already completed Deepen Your Practice.