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Kaia Yoga's

300 hour teacher training

advance your teaching, enhance your practice 

& strengthen your voice

Kaia Yoga’s 300-hour Teacher Training program is the next step in your yoga teaching career. A program dedicating to developing new skills, enhancing your voice and advancing your knowledge of the science of yoga.  The 300-hour program continues the evolutionary journey of our 200-hour teacher training program, a place for your to continue your journey and learn more about hands on adjustments, meditation, sequencing and teaching.



Open Enrollment

Our program is structured with an open enrollment approach.  This means you may begin at any time and take up to 2 years to complete your training. 300 hours of advanced yoga teacher training with a mix of Core Modules ( to strengthen the foundations such as hands on adjustments, sequencing, anatomy and meditation) and Advanced Elective Studies such as kids yoga, restorative yoga, yin yoga and much more and you can customize and tailor your training to your individual needs or key focus.



Must have a 200-hour Teacher Training certificate from Kaia Yoga or other Yoga Alliance-Approved 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training. 200 hr graduates from another program will be required to set up one mentor session with a senior teacher to discuss "Kaia Methodology" Cost: $150.


4 Core Modules 


The Core Modules are 16hrs each and may be broken up into 2 days.

* Dates and times of the 4 core modules and electives will be offered 2-3 times a year with several options to accommodate for different schedules. Subject to guest teachers availability. 


1. Kaia Yoga Methodology / Advanced Class Sequencing / Practice Teaching 

2. Advanced Adjustments     

3. Advanced Anatomy with Joe Miller     

4. Breathing / Energy / Meditation / Philosophy   


5 Elective Module with Kaia Senior Teachers or Guest Teachers

Each elective is 8 hours and may be taught over the course of 1 or 2 days.. The 5 electives equal 40hrs of required training hours. 

Some Elective Modules and Guest Teachers Include:

Sarah and Allan Finger, Rodney and Colleen Yee, Megan Moss Freeman (Yin), Shai Plonski (Thai Massage) , Brett Bevel (Reiki),Gina Norman (Meditation 1, 2, 3), Jillian Pransky (Restorative), Matt Giordano (Acro Yoga), Elin Waterson (Ariel and Chair Yoga), Barbara Joseph (Yoga Nidra)

Mike Milversted (Rope Wall/Therapeutics) , Casey McBride (Yoga for Athletes), Teaching Gentle


Additional Program Requirements 

* 80 Total  Classes - 75min. Classes 

- it is recommended to take at least one weekly class with a senior teacher

- These classes fulfill 100hrs of required training time 


Mentor Check in Progress Meetings: ($600 Value) 

(8) 30 minute Progress Meetings with your mentor  

Should be scheduled every 3 months over the 2 years of the training

Review and Update Progress Chart (on thinkific)



  • (10) Meditation Sits in studio or virtual 

  • Home Practice:  15 minutes of meditation at least 5 days a week



  • Trainees are required to keep a daily journal of asana practice and meditation

  • Make notes about the teacher training experience.

  • This expertise is expected to be a thoughtful appraisal of your experience

Observations , Assists 

(4) Class Assists:  In class adjustments with a Teacher Trainer / Mentor


Homework and Final Papers 

These will be assigned at registration and through the course as you take each module.


Karma hours

Giving back to the community for 10 hours. Put what you learned in action with your choice of community class/project. Kaia Yoga will help support and promote any way we can to help spread the love of yoga.


Final Class

To complete your training, you can select a mentor from the senior teachers list and connect with them to discuss and schedule teaching a free 75 Open Level Kaia class. 


Mentorship Program

Enhance your training with one on one guidance from our mentoring staff

Purchase one session for $150

Or a package of 10 sessions for $1350 (a saving of $150)

Total Cost


Once registered, participants have 2 years to complete the requirements.

REFUND POLICY: No refunds are given once you are accepted into the training. In some cases we will issue a credit for another training with doctors notes or special circumstances.


To register/ ask questions/ set up a payment plan