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A place to center yourself.


Covid has changed all our lives, and this experience has forced us not only to stay in, but look in.  Realizing that the “must-haves” and have to do is maybe not as important as we thought.  But the importance of relationships and health is really all that matters.  


I have heard from so many how grateful they are for this time.  But the stress of the unknown and the hardship it has placed on so many is palatable, both individually and collectively.  Never has there been a time that individually, locally, and globally we are trying to find ground in the daily-changing landscape of our Co-Vid world. 


We have connected online in ways we never thought the yoga experience could translate, and yet we recognize the importance of being together.  


As we approach our 15th year of offering classes, training, and a place of community throughout Fairfield county, we will continue to strive towards not only building our virtual bonds but sustaining a community on the mat and in-person.

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Sedona, AZ
Chakra Cleanse


Advanced Adjustments for Yoga Teachers

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2 weeks of streaming for $30

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